Oz Same-Sex Marriage: Rabbis Disagree


[A still from a video released earlier this year in which Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio publicly expressed her                                                                     support for same-sex marriage]


With the legality of the postal survey into same-sex marriage currently being considered by the High Court, communal leaders on both sides of the debate have been sharing their thoughts with The AJN.


Expressing her support for a “yes” vote, Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio of Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney writes, “Same-sex relationships have the same holiness, beauty and sanctity as heterosexual ones, and therefore it is right and just to provide them the same path to celebrate their love and union in a holy ceremony before God, family and community.”


Opposing a yes vote, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick of the Sydney Beth Din stresses marriage is “a biblical institution and can only be in accordance with biblical teaching”.


Meanwhile, in a statement released this week, the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) said, “We are concerned regarding the impact that a change in the definition of marriage will have upon the strength of this fundamental societal building block.”


While insisting, “We will continue to advocate for same-sex attracted individuals to be treated with compassion, sensitivity and understanding,” the RCV added, “We are concerned regarding the long-term impact that such a legislative change may have upon the education system and religious freedoms.”


To read more, go to the Australian Jewish News website: https://www.jewishnews.net.au/mixed-vies-ssm/68377



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Posted by Ruth Thomas (07/09/2017 19:23)      225 Views