Rabbi who Admitted Sexual Misconduct to Stay


More than two years after Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Telsner resigned from the Yeshivah Centre after admitting his conduct towards victims of child sexual abuse was not acceptable, he was officially given a new contract this week.


Stunned victims of abuse said the appointment is “a huge slap in the face”.


“At a time when other community institutions are avoiding being associated with those implicated in the child sexual abuse scandal in our community, it is Yeshivah alone, the institution responsible for the rape and abuse of dozens of children in its care, that considers it appropriate to reward Telsner with a new contract,” child sexual abuse victim and advocate Manny Waks said.


To read this story in full, go to the Australian Jewish News website: https://www.jewishnews.net.au/rabbi-telsner-stay/68175


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Posted by Ruth Thomas (07/09/2017 18:49)      102 Views