New Book: The anti-Israel Agenda Explained


  [Alex Ryvchin with his new book. Photo: Noel Kessel.]


Shining a light on how the institutions of greatest influence are being appropriated in order to turn public opinion in the Western world against Israel was the impetus for Alex Ryvchin’s new book, The Anti-Israel Agenda.


Speaking to The AJN ahead of its launch at the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival this Sunday (August 27), Ryvchin said the book explores the full depth and breadth of the latest phase in the campaign against Israel, “which seeks to do, through political means, what war and terror could not – that is, to isolate and cripple the state until it can no longer defend its interests or its people”.


The book is a collaborative work that brings together some of the finest minds devoted to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, including Alan Dershowitz, Hillel Neuer, Colonel Richard Kemp, Alan Johnson and more.


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Posted by Ruth Thomas (24/08/2017 14:14)      146 Views