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Do children even read anymore? 

In today's media saturated climate, where children and young people have access to a variety of media delivered through phones, tablets, smart TVs, and laptops, are they interested in good old-fashioned books now? The paper kind?

The importance of books to young children and youth is well established. Books stimulate imaginations, improves cognitive facilities, helps develop literacy, and through the different stories explored, helps the young to navigate this complex world. 

Being a library, we do have children's and young person's books, and quite a healthy selection too, if a little dis-organised!


We support the positive social outcomes that reading aloud to young children brings, and letting older children choose the stories that interest them to read. We provide a good selection of books, and bring opportunities to parents/guardians to help them stimulate their children's reading development.

That's why I'm letting you know about the PJ Library initiative. This is a Jewish not-for-profit that supplies Jewish themed books to children up to aged 9. This program has been operating successfully in the US for a number of years now, and we have the opportunity here in NZ to participate in it. 

It's easy to do. Sign up with the regional coordinator (in Australia), tell her the names and ages of your children, and your address, and each month you'll receive a selection of books that are age-specific for your child. This means that that the books are tailored to the age of your child, so you won't receive baby books for a 7 year old.

Here's a teaser selection that PJ Library sent me earlier in the year.


Of course if you want to supplement the selection PJ sends you, feel free to drop by the library to have a look through our shelves, or contact me  and I'll see what I can do for you.


In a moment of serendipity, the Eastern Suburbs Hebrew School is starting up. This is a new initiative, and aims to provide an opportunity for your children to learn Hebrew in a safe and welcoming environment. The School will operate  Sundays 10:30am to 12pm . The commencement date: 6th August 2017, here at the  Raye Freedman Library and Community Centre. The cost is $60/child/term.

The organisers explain : "We are offering separate classes for the following age groups - 3 to 5 years old - 6 to 11 years old. We will introduce the children to Hebrew in a fun way and help them to speak, read and write our wonderful language. Shelley Tenambaum will be teaching the older children and Yael Eshchar HaCohen, a native Israeli, will be looking after the younger children. They both have extensive experience in teaching Hebrew and delivering Jewish studies education in an engaging way.

We strongly believe that learning Hebrew can help our young generation gain a deeper connection to our Jewish culture, history and values. Additionally, studies have shown that children who are bilingual have greater cognitive abilities, which helps them in their educational and personal development. So why not take advantage of this offer and enroll your children? Please be quick to enroll as program commences Sunday 6th August."

For further details and to register for the Hebrew Language Program, please contact Yael on 0220428900 or email aucklandhebrewschool@gmail.com 

And you can supplant your child's learning by taking out some Hebrew language books from the range that we have on offer here at Library.

So two opportunities for your child, and I hope you can take one or both opportunities! 


In other news, we will in mid-August be launching a new website which has been in development for some time now.





It's not complete and there will be gaps when we launch, so please forgive us, but we felt that it would be preferable to have a site that we can improve on than try for perfection. The new site will provide greater functionality for Library members, as well as bringing our back office information systems up to date. I will do a special newsletter to announce this, as well as posting it up on our FB page (it's a closed group for security reasons, please search for Raye Freedman Library and Community Centre and join from there).

The winter is starting to bite now, but the days are getting longer thankfully, and time counts down to Rosh Hannah - where did the year go??

Kind regards,




We are grateful for the support of the Raye Blumenthal Freedman Trust.

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