AJI Newsletter July 2017

Auckland Jewish Immigration

The Auckland Jewish Immigration (AJI), in planning its future, has referred back to its founding 2000 report.

Founded at the request of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, the AJI has assisted many hundreds of newcomers settle in Auckland and other regions.

Originally the target was to create an international media to attract Jewish families to consider resettling in Auckland. In addition the AJI would assist the newcomers in the settlement process.

The organisation quickly realised that newcomers also needed help to be guided through the immigration application system, and a referral link was set up with a leading Immigration consultancy firm. This referral partnership worked well but progressively the AJI enquirers felt, with on-going guidance, they could handle the immigration process themselves.

From this, a loose partnership was structured where the AJI provided step by step guidance through the visa application process whilst the prospective newcomer did all the actual processing.

Fast forward to the present, the New Zealand government made two crucial decisions which eventually achieved a significant improvement to its immigration processing.

One was to move Immigration New Zealand into the Business and Enterprise new head office building and secondly, over a period of four years, have the immigration application process available so that those applying would be able to electronically make contact to the INZ through its new updated website.

It was for intending immigrants a welcome to the new electronic era.

The website is so user friendly that it provides direct applications to the INZ and gives a variety of options for the would be migrant to consider.

In essence, the step by step AJI/immigration enquirer set up had become unnecessary, restricting it to the more complex applications.

So the AJI has now gone full circle, back to its origins of updating its free Jewish settlement and media services with information and guidance on how to use the new INZ website should they have any difficulties.

It also ushers in for the AJI an electronic challenge for the future, to embrace additional ways to promote globally its message and devise better updated settlement support.

A worthwhile AJI challenge going forward could be to develop for newcomers a unique Jewish Citizens Advice Bureau concept.


Chairperson Stan Rose establishes a respected relationship with most of the appointed Ministers of Immigration.


Over AJI's 17 year history since the organisation was founded Chairperson Stan Rose established a respected relationship with most of the appointed Ministers of Immigration.

The first contact saw Lianne Dalziel, now Mayor of Christchurch but sixteen years ago Immigration Minister, called from the Bee Hive debating chamber to meeting with Stan and several officials. Stan detailed the new Auckland Jewish organisation's goal was to attract Jewish families to New Zealand.

The warmth and support at the meeting for the new organisation by the Minister was very evident. The Minister was only too aware of the historically role of the small Jewish Congregation's contribution in the development and leadership in many areas in New Zealand.

The Minister promised and followed up a Government liaison officer's appointment to support the new fledgling AJI organisation.

Over the years with changing of the guard Stan has presented AJI' credentials to subsequent Immigration Ministers and only in one rare exception has received spontaneous warmth and support.

So Stan's meeting at his home in Kohimarama with Minister Michael Woodhouse this month with the AJI changes pending will continue and would follow the past ministerial relationships and be most appropriate at this particular time.


Social events for young Jewish families - Annual midwinter party THIS SUNDAY


Join us for an hour of games, trampolining, gymnastics, backetball and soccer followed by a vegetarian buffet to follow where no one leaves hungry!


Spread the word and see you soon!


JYF Committee


When: 10am Sunday 23 July


Where: Mount Albert YMCA. 773 New North Road

Mt Albert

Auckland 1025



The AJI wishes to thank committee member Vera Krukziener


Vera has resigned from the AJI committee and we thank Vera for her many years of invaluable support and loyalty.


Most of the Jewish community knows Vera as a very active leading Business leader in Auckland's commercial world but despite being always under pressure made time to be a valued member of the AJI committee.


This was recognised by the AJI committee which was greatly indebted to Vera for her ongoing support and encouragement including some challenging times.

Chairperson Stan and Estelle are very close friends going back many years well before the AJI was founded and particularly appreciative of Vera's role in the development off the AJI over the last 17 years.


We all wish both Vera and Brum and their family health and happiness.


All our love
AJI committee 




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AJI's office email: aji@xtra.co.nz

AJI's website: www.aji.org.nz 



The Working Holiday Visa is your best chance to improve your English, discover an amazing culture and gain some valuable work experience! Check it out!


The Working Holiday Visa is your best chance to improve your English, discover an amazing culture, a wonderful country, gain some valuable work experience ...

A Working Holiday Visa is a 12 months (in most cases) visa that allows you to work in New Zealand.

Your visa is valid from the date that you arrive in New Zealand. This visa is multi-entry which means that it will allow you to leave and return to New Zealand as many times as you want during those 12 months.

More than 50,000 travellers come each year to New Zealand with a Working Holiday visa.

In most cases, you can submit an electronic application for a work visa under the working holiday scheme by using the Immigration New Zealand website. It takes 15 to 30 minutes (you can save and stop at any time) only and the process is much faster than a paper application. You just need your details including those in your passport, and answer questions on your health, character and travel plans. The fee for an online or paper application is the same. You will have a response in a few days.

Working holiday visa restrictions:You cannot apply for a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand :
- If you are not from the list of selected countries
- If you do not meet the health requirement
- If you are under 18 years old
- If you are over 30 years old (35 years old for selected countries)

Links for more info:
For more info about the working holiday visa in New Zealand, visit us at WorkingHolidayStarter.com.
Information for this article have also been sourced on BackpackerGuide.nz - in our opinion, the simplest and most comprehensive resource for a working holiday or a gap year in New Zealand.




Our team of specialists are here to answer any queries regarding immigration.


Stan Rose - Chairperson also Government registered adviser to give advice on the Immigration Processaji@xtra.co.nz


Estelle Rose - Secretary /Treasurer - aji@xtra.co.nz


Stephen Katz:-Deputy Chairperson - General Business or Investor information


Rachel Israel - Administrator - risrael@xtra.co.nz

Stephen Buetoe (Professor) - Those holding higher academic or Professional degrees - those wishing to discuss planning their professional careers -s.buetow@auckland.ac.nz

Elaine Silverman
Jewish primary school, Kadimah - information about the school and Auckland Jewish community activities:-ElaineS@kadimah.school.nz


Rinat Meizles - Any issues not covered elsewhere here regarding Israel migrants - intchoo@xtra.co.nz


Malindy Rose: - Advice on Accommodation - Email:- malindy2@gmail.com


Alister Kirk :- BETH SHALOM Email :- alikir09@gmail.com

David Levin - Responsible for both the Home News and International web site. aji@xtra.co.nz


Outside of committee
Gordon Buchalter - Sport or sports -recreation - general sporting enquires. 
Gordon is well established professional tennis coach from South Africa 



The Business Migration Branch that they currently have over 260 Entrepreneur Work Visas in the queue awaiting to be allocated to Immigration the Officer for assessment.


It is currently taking 30 weeks from lodgement for the applications to be allocated to Immigration Officers for consideration.


There is are currently only four Business Immigration
Specialists working on Entrepreneur Work Visas and amongst the four of them, they have 355 applications on hand, which means that they are experiencing significant capacity restraints.


Immigration New Zealand is obviously aware that under capacity creates a processing bottleneck which in turn is detrimental to investment in New Zealand.


Immigration officers and managers in the Business Migration Branch must be under immense pressure and this is of particular concern to the AJI receiving escalating enquires regarding the Business, Investor and Entrepreneur categories. 



With terror attacks and political uncertainty rocking the world, New Zealand appears to be emerging as a beacon of peace.


The nation has moved up two places in the Global Peace Index, now sitting in second place behind Iceland.

As a whole, the global level of world peace has improved - 93 countries improved with 68 deteriorating.

New Zealand was given a rating of 1.241 which is based on societal safety and security, ongoing domestic and international conflict and degree of militarisation.

Former prime minister and United Nations Development Programme Administrator Helen Clark shared the good news about New Zealand but added a warning.

"[Important] not to be complacent. NZ has its problems too."

First placed Iceland was given a rating of 1.111 by the review committee while Australia rose three places to 12th with a rating of 1.425.

The UK also rose six places and is now equal 41st most peaceful country.

But the United States suffered a big fall, down 11 places to 114th out of 193 countries.
The bottom of the list remains largely unchanged. Syria was named least peaceful country again this year, preceded by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen.


Now that we are in an electronic world, many immigrants are applying directly through the excellent government website without prior notifying the AJI.



Rather than have our normal list of new arrivals, the AJI suggests you email us with the AJI MEET AND GREET information and advise us if you are expecting new families arriving or if new families that arriving want to be listed.

If you do this we will add the new arrivals email address to receive newsletters and list them in the next issue of our Home newsletter.

We are making these changes because some families for a variety of reasons, mainly job privacy, do not want to be listed as new arrivals.

The AJI is also increasingly being contacted with applicant's complex immigration processing problems. Where we can we are happy to sort out the applicant's immigration options and if in Auckland meet up with intending immigrant in a cost free one hour's interview. 


We have also arranged if this a preference to refer you to a Jewish paid Immigration consultant If you wish someone to process your immigration you will need to get a quote as to the costs involved. 


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