Cybersecurity Lessons from Israel


By Sam Sachdeva for Newsroom


A New Zealand delegation to Israel says Kiwi businesses and politicians can learn from the country’s approach to commercialising the cybersecurity sector.


The trip, organised by the Trans-Tasman Business Circle, coincided with the Cyber Week event in Tel Aviv in late June, with a group of academics, businesspeople and government representatives learning about Israel’s burgeoning cybersecurity industry and developing ties between the two countries.


Paul Ash, the director of the National Cyber Policy Office at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, said Israel was a world leader in the area, having developed the world’s second-largest cybersecurity industry “in a very short time”, with over 20,000 people employed and over five per cent of worldwide cybersecurity revenue.


“This is a significant achievement and their timing was perfect.”


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Posted by Miriam Bell (13/07/2017 23:17)      120 Views