British Shul Membership Declining, Charedi Increasing


 [Top: Golders Green Synagogue and Kinloss in Hendon Bottom:Bet Tikvah synagogue and Staines and                                     District United Synagogue]


A dramatic new report on synagogue membership in Britain reveals that while overall synagogue membership itself is declining, there are more synagogues today than ever before — and the Charedi membership is up by a staggering 139 percent from the 1990s.


The report has been prepared for the Board of Deputies by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. The compilers are the JPR’s executive director, Dr Jonathan Boyd, and Dr Donatella Casale Mashiah, a research fellow at JPR.


To read this story in full, go to the UK Jewish News:

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Posted by Ruth Thomas (06/07/2017 15:53)      154 Views