Opinion: Memo to Jewish Trump Voters


[US President Donald Trump addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington]


By Jane Eisner


This is addressed to those American Jews who continue to support President Trump, even after the latest revelation that he likely compromised Israeli intelligence by sharing it with the Russians.


When will you start holding him accountable?


When will the slights, fumbles, broken promises and extremely serious blunders, like the intelligence leak, add up in your minds? When is enough truly enough?


You, the new power elite, are arguably the only Jews in America outside the administration who seem to have his ear. When will use your favored access to speak truth to this out-of-control power?


The majority of American Jews did not vote for Trump, but those who did — about 24%, according to most surveys — did so largely because they believed his policies would be more advantageous to the current Israeli government than President Obama’s were and that Hillary Clinton’s would be.


Yes, there were other issues at play, such as school vouchers and cultural touchstones of the sort that tie Orthodox Jews more closely to white evangelical Christians than to other Jews.


But Israel and its satellite issues (the nuclear deal with Iran, fighting “radical Islamic terrorism,” etc.) were the salient subjects. And given that priority, I can imagine why you, his supporters, forgave him for the rhetorical missteps early in his tenure...


To read the full article on The Forward, go to http://forward.com/opinion/372175/trump-intel-russia-jewish-votes/?attribution=articles-article-listing-2-headline.




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Posted by Miriam Bell (19/05/2017 00:05)      219 Views