Former Aus PMs Honoured in Israel


[Julia Gillard (right) receives an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University. Photo: Dani Machlis/BGU]


Former Australian prime ministers Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are both in Israel this week receiving honorary doctorates from universities.


Gillard, who was nearly rolled as prime minister by Bob Carr when she stood by Israel at the United Nations, received her honorary doctorate on Tuesday from the Ben-Gurion University.


“I can think of no more fitting tribute to David Ben-Gurion (the founder of the State of Israel) than to have this place of learning and research bear his name,” Gillard said.


Two days after Gillard’s honorary doctorate, Abbott was due to receive his own. On Thursday, after The AJN went to print, Abbott was due to be honoured at the Tel Aviv University.


“The Israelis, in their wisdom, are giving me an honorary doctorate,” Abbott said before he went to Israel.


“And I’ll also have the chance to discuss the wider security situation and I’m also hoping to visit some Australian troops who are visiting this part of the world.”


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Posted by Ruth Thomas (18/05/2017 16:35)      162 Views