Oz MP Under Fire for Bibi Bashing


[Opposition leader Luke Foley: "Anti-semitic words and images are always totally unacceptable."]


Australian Labour  MP Julia Finn has been slammed for her “ill-informed and deeply offensive” comments about Benjamin Netanyahu in Parliament earlier this month, in which she labelled the Israeli Prime Minister “an enemy of peace”.


Finn, who is the Member for Granville, was reciting a speech she gave at the Sydney Town Hall in February opposing Netanyahu’s historic visit to Australia.


She stated: “I represent hundreds of Palestinian families who live in my electorate because they have been displaced from their homes by Israeli occupation."


Finn said Netanyahu “undermines the peace process every single day” and “repeatedly calls for one-sided conditions to be placed on a Palestinian state, like recognising Israel as a Jewish state and renouncing the right of return for Palestinians”.


Asked if he supports or condemns Finn’s comments, Opposition Leader Luke Foley said simply, “Robust political debate on the current Israeli government’s policies occurs within Israel’s borders and beyond, and that is totally proper. 


“However, anti-Semitic words and images are always totally unacceptable.”


To read this story, go to: https://www.jewishnews.net.au/mp-fire-bibi-bashing-speech/62321


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Posted by Ruth Thomas (20/04/2017 17:54)      165 Views