Zikaron BaSalon - Commemoration


The Embassy of Israel wants to let the community know about Zikaron BaSalon (Hebrew for “memories in the living room”) which is an annual event that takes place on Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day (this year on 23 April 2017).


The idea was born from the understanding that the connection between today's society and the memories of the Holocaust, has significantly deteriorated.

Alongside formal events, Zikaron BaSalon offers a new, meaningful and intimate way to commemorate this day and address its implications through discussions at home among family, friends and guests.


It is a unique and authentic tradition of people gathering together to open their hearts to the stories of all the guests, sing, think, read, talk and most importantly- listen.


This coming Holocaust Memorial Day, we invite you to take part in shaping a Holocaust memorial, to host or participate in a gathering of Zikaron BaSalon. It’s simple and easy.


Anyone can host a Zikaron BaSalon event in their living room. In the attached link - https://www.zikaronbasalon.org/ - it is possible to download a host kit which provides interested people with the following information:


·         Details on the structure of the event

·         Tips for a meaningful and pleasant event for you and all guests

·         Certificate of Appreciation for the participating speaker          

·         Directional signs for the event


The Embassy hopes that by going through the Zikaron BaSalon website people might get inspired to host their own event to honor the Shoah in an intimate way. Alternatively, they may know of someone who may want to do so. Whatever the case the Embassy would love to hear from anyone if they do.


However, the Embassy also emphasises that it is not their intention to step away from or replace any formal Yom Ha’shoah ceremonies already organized within communities... They just suggest it as an additional event that people may wish to consider!



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