Embassy loud & proud


The Embassy of Israel will be participating - loudly and proudly – in Auckland’s Pride parade this year.

Part of February's Pride Festival, the Pride parade is on February 22 and goes along Ponsonby Road. It starts at 7pm .

The Embassy is still waiting for confirmation but Ferrari is letting the group use one of their convertible cars.

The Embassy would like as many people as possible to walk with their group.

There will be rainbow flags with the Magen David in the middle and  t-shirts made which say "From Israel With Love".

Anyone who's keen to participate can contact Patricia Deen at the Embassy.

For more information about the Pride parade:

Go to the Auckland Pride Festival's website - http://www.aucklandpridefestival.org.nz/auckland-pride-parade/

or visit the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/188493731361186/

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Posted by Miriam Bell (12/02/2014 17:11)      744 Views