The Lady from Tel Aviv


"The Lady from Tel Aviv" (by Rabai Al-Madhoun) is a story full of non-fulfilling meetings and memories - on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian spectrum.

We follow Walid on a visit home to Gaza after decades away. He and Dana, an Israeli actress, sit next to each other as they wing their way to the Middle East:
 he to Gaza to see his mother, and she to Tel Aviv to try and sort out her personal life. They confide certain aspects of their lives which opens up the chasm between them and the land they both call their own.

"The Lady from Tel Aviv" is an incisive exploration of occupation on both sides of the checkpoints and what it is to be a Palestinian. There is humour, somewhat cycnical at times, in some of the situations Walid finds himself in. 

Overall, I found the complexity of the subject matter written in an easy to read style and one which avoids the dogma of ready-made ideology.

All of the previous books I have reviewed are available from Auckland libraries.  I bought this one from Paper Plus in Newmarket.

- By Deborah Rubin


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Posted by Deborah Rubin (21/08/2013 15:09)      1086 Views