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According to the 2006 New Zealand census 6858 people indicated that their religion was Jewish. Although these numbers are small, this country still provides a full range of Jewish services and facilities - from synagogues to organisations for the elderly through to children - especially in the main centres.

For 10 years, One Community has provided a link connecting the diverse communities and families throughout the country. Established in 2003 by Israeli Amit Zamirly, it was an online publication aiming to provide Jewish news and events for people throughout New Zealand.

This year it took another step by merging with the New Zealand Jewish Chronicle.
One Community Chronicle intends to grow so that it can better provide the Jewish community with a wide range of news and events about New Zealand and Israel.

For more than 60 years the New Zealand Jewish Chronicle provided such a link connecting the diverse communities and families throughout the country. However, due to a series of circumstances - including the increasing difficulty to find suitable advertising to support it and the rise of digital publications - it ceased publication in 2009.

Today One Community Chronicle is run by a small team of volunteers. It is not affiliated with any congregation or organisation and it is funded by donations or advertisements only.

Miriam Bell, who was the last editor of the Jewish Chronicle and is an experienced journalist, is the editor. Deborah Rubin, a librarian who emigrated from South Africa in 1998, is the sub-editor. Editor-in-chief is Ruth Thomas, who taught journalism at AUT for 15 years and was formerly managing editor of a number of community newspapers.

A number of organisations are already providing weekly listings of future events, Miriam Bell says. "It’s easy to be a contributor and provide up-to-date listings of events. But we want to provide more: news about Jewish people, Jewish events whether in Auckland or rural New Zealand are important to us."

She says the service is completely free. "Whether it’s a news lead or an account of a Jewish happening, contributors just need to email editor.1.org.NZ. And then we’ll take it further."


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